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Hygger Portable Air Pump Kit 10W

Hygger Portable Air Pump Kit 10W

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Suitable for a variety of environments. The portable air pump is rechargeable for fishing yacht/power outages/hydroponic/home aquariums/aquatic farm/outdoor use.

Key Features:

  • The air pump kit is suitable for a variety of environments such as garden ponds, hydroponic planting, restaurant seafood tanks, and seafood trucks
  • It can also support the oxygen supply of 4 or 6 small fish tanks at the same time
  • It is equipped with a variety of accessories such as hoses, air stones, flow diverter valves, and check valves
  • Recommended for breeding, 10W can be up to 40KG, 18 W can be up to 80KG
  • The portable air pump kit is compatible with most fish tanks
  • For unplugged outdoor fishing, such as on a fishing yacht, or the trunk of a car, the air pump portable and has an LCD that shows power percentage, voltage, and battery status for added convenience, it helps charge and use
  • For the AC and DC dual-purpose, the pump kit can plug into the power adapter at home for use
  • After plugging in the power adapter, the air pump can work while charging the battery
  • After the battery is fully charged, it does not charge and only works
  • After a power outage, the battery runs the air pump to work
  • When encountering bad weather, traveling temporarily, or power outages suddenly at home, anytime when the power fails, Hygger portable air pump will automatically switch to battery power when plugged in and used
  • The minimum air volume can use for 100 hours, while the maximum can be used for 8 hours(in a single air stone experiment)
  • The portable air pump kit has a 9 levels adjustable air volume control knob
  • It is made of all-copper material, which prevents oxidation and deformation
  • The airflow can be adjusted according to your preference, max of up to 238GPH/301GPH
  • It is also equipped with a diverter valve, which can link many devices (such as 4 or 6 air stones), it can also adjust the flow and close part of the air outlet
  • Using the latest energy-saving technology, the portable air pump 10W/18W works more effectively, saving more energy
  • The shock-absorbing rubber feet and the upgrade motor help pump air ultra-quiet
  • Although the air pump size is big and powerful, it works quietly
  • It can be used as a power cord when it is plugged at ordinary times, and it is also an air pump battery charger for charging
  • Power: 10W
  • Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60HZ
  • Max air flow: 238GPH (15L/Min)
  • Weight: 5.2Lb
  • Pressure: 0.015Mpa
  • Size: 27.4 x 14.5 x 13cm
  • For breeding: Up to 40kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Plastic Cover
  • Made in: China
  • Included: 1x Air Pump, 1x Main Tube, 1x Check Valve, 1x 4 in 1 Brass Air Regulation Valve, 4x 2m Air Tubes, 4x Air Stones, 2x Spare Air Stones for Free, 1x User Manual
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1-year Warranty
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 30x16x14.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
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