Prominence Shervinverkil Prominence range produces a striking look that must also be felt. 

Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers Enrich your kitchen with Bugatti's uniquely designed and shaped bottle... 

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances A comprehensive range of innovative and technically advanced products with... 

Bugatti Giulietta Kettle


Bugatti designs and manufactures contemporary cutlery collections, table and kitchenware, thermal bottles and small but highly innovative kitchen appliances with a smart soul.

  • B-Bottle

    Discover the range of accessories dedicated to B Bottles Twin. As well as carrying your drinks with you at all times, you can choose fashionable, sporty and practical items to make your experience with B Bottles Twin stylish and extremely fulfilling.

  • Kitchen Appliance

    Bugatti's small domestic appliances are designed to complement your kitchen, furnishing it with style and personality. Each small appliance has been designed with care and passion, in the pursuit of balance in form and function.

  • Cutlery Set

    Cutlery is not only an indispensable daily household accessory, but also a precious jewel capable of decorating your table in a unique way, making it elegant or contemporary to suit your taste. The ranges include stainless steel, coloured and decorated cutlery,

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