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Hygger Aquarium Aeration Strip 8-inches Kit

Hygger Aquarium Aeration Strip 8-inches Kit

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Release fine bubbles curtain. The aquarium air bubbler aeration strip dissolves oxygen in fish tanks with a fantastic bubble curtain.

Key Features:

  • Air bubbler creates a fantastic bubble curtain, the abundant micro and uniform bubble wall that enhances a dreamy appeal for fish tanks, keeping your fish and plant healthy, and adding an amazing look to the aquariums
  • The aeration strip kit helps to increase oxygen levels, aerates the water, improves circulation, and helps in gas exchange for aquariums in a below way: Air stones create bubbles➔ Bubbles release oxygen into the water➔ Water circulates through the bubbles➔ transports gas to the surface➔ Fish love to play in bubbles
  • This air bubble strip kit is a long and narrow white bar made of compressed aluminium oxide, with thousands of porous holes, it produces more dense, tiny bubbles like mist
  • The durable material stands up to continuous use and wear, it is not prone to clog
  • The bubbler produces more dense, tiny bubbles like mist while working quietly
  • The aeration strip kit needs an air pump (not included) 5 W or up to release bubbles out of the bubble bar
  • The silver aluminium alloy base is weighted to keep it in place even at full blast
  • But it is not recommended to use a saltwater tank
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Silver Aluminium Alloy Base, Rubber Hose
  • Made in: China
  • Included: 1x 20.5cm Aeration Strip, 2x Silicone Suction Cups with Rings, 1x 2m Air Tube, 1x Hose Clip, 1x Check Valve, 1x User Manual
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1-year Warranty
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 30x12x4.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
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